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Warehouse Management

A warehouse management system (WMS) tailored for the retail sector, suitable for businesses of all sizes, and particularly enhancing e-commerce operations.

Collect your orders in the most efficient way.

Depo yönetim sistemi (WMS) ile tüm siparişlerinizi en verimli şekilde toplayın. Çalışanlarınızın verimliliğini %100 arttırın.

Collect your orders with in-warehouse route optimization.

Create the most efficient picking route through advanced algorithms to collect your orders. While collecting it in the warehouse, collect your orders by traveling with minimum distance.

Separate your orders as single and multiple.

Collect all your orders in one pool. Separate your orders as single and multiple.

Feed your channels instantly with live stock tracking.

Track all your stocks instantly. Use a single stock across all sales channels and avoid short selling.

Print your order invoice as soon as the order is packaged.

Print invoices instantly after your orders are packaged. Notify the IOP immediately. Get rid of invoice corrections caused by out of stock products.

Perform your delivery instantly with cargo integrations.

Immediately deliver the cargo of the relevant order with its label. Send the order shipped information to the customer.

Manage the return process from a single panel with Hamurlabs.

Track your stocks by receiving returned products.


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