"Check out our integrations with domestic and foreign marketplaces. "


With its omnichannel features, Hamurlabs provides advanced data management that helps managers know that everything is always under control. Increase your turnover by opening your products to all channels.

Synchronize inventory across all channels.

Keep your stocks up to date at all your points of sale. Get rid of faulty stock issues.

Use your physical store stocks in online sales channels.

Feed all your sales points with a single stock amount. Minimize your inventory costs. Open all inventory you have for sale. Increase your stock efficiency by opening your stocks reserved only for the physical store to online channels.

Send products to the customer in the fastest way possible.

Evaluate the stocks closest to the customer. Plan the fastest product shipping.

Sell in the global market.

Become a global market player by integrating your stocks with all sales channels.

Increase customer satisfaction.

If the customer wishes to return and change the product, he / she should do so from the nearest physical store.



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